Intermediate Seminar with Javier Perez

Wed-Wed November 23rd - 30th, 2019
Location: Bolshoi Khariton’evsky Per. 16-18, Moscow, Russia

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Original Method 

Welcome to Pilates University by World Class!
Our University is engaged in training teachers in the method of Joseph Pilates - a genius inventor and trainer.

Teacher training system developed by Roman Kryzanovska - known and respected Elder Pilates method, his favorite pupil, and later - the director of the studio.
School Romana's Pilates keeps the knowledge, experience and tradition of the original method created by Joseph Pilates.

Intermidiate Seminar

Javier Perez Pont, Level X

Our Other Trainers

Marina Martynova

Marina has more than 23 years of experience in fitness. She started her career as a trainer of group exercises. More than 15 years ago, she began to study Pilates program, collecting information and experience of different Pilates schools. And 7 years ago, Marina came to the best school of classical Pilates - Romana’s Pilates. At this school Marina found answers to all questions, excellent system of education and amazing teachers - Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Lochard, Javier Perez Pont, Trish Garland, Marjorie Oron, Anthony Rabara, Jamie Trout, and Cynthia Shipley.

In 2013 she received a certificate of Romana’s Pilates level V. In 2016 - level IV.

Marina is a very popular instructor and gives seminars for teachers and Pilates enthusiasts in Russia and abroad. In addition, she is good painter.

«I treat each person with a great desire to help! Gratz helps to my clients and apprentices to become better, stronger, understand their body, and improve the functionality. As a result - to become happier!».

Marat Kalmurzaev

Marat teaches at Mind Body Studio by World Class in Moscow, Russia. It is the educational center of Romana’s Pilates in Russia. He graduated high medical school so that allows him to work with injuries and issues of the bodies. Marat is level 4 at Romana’s Pilates system so he works a lot with apprentices.

“Gratz equipment for me is like thousands of words in one motion. You just move your body and the apparatus under the guidance of your mind and that is it! Rolls Royce in the world of Pilates equipment”.

Anastasia Ryzhova (level 5)

Was one of the first Russian certified Romana’s Pilates teacher She has a vast background in health and fitness as well as deep knowledge of various Pilates techniques from different schools .

Anastasia proudly admits that when she herself took her first PT from one of the Romana’s Pilates teachers using the Gratz equipment, she experienced nothing less than a shock. “It was like I tried Pilates for the very first time in my life. Suddenly, all of my previous experience meant nothing”. Since then she made a decision to dedicate herself fully to becoming one of the Romana’s Pilates teachers. Her goal is to help everyone who is trying to get into the world of Pilates. And there’s no better way to do it than using the Gratz equipment.

“When Juanita Lopez was accepting my final exam, - she says, - Romana has given me a gift once. This gift has changed my life. And now I’m giving this precious gift to you, so you could change the lives of your clients”.

Irina Strantseva (level 5)

When I was a child, I was ashamed of my belly. To get rid of it, I even started taking aerobic classes with my mum. I liked dancing to energizing and upbeat music, which is why I decided to train as an instructor. So eventually, I started giving functional training, strength training and dance classes. I was losing weight but not my belly. 

I dived into the deep and fascinating world of sport, health and science. Despite the endless number of seminars, conventions, master-classes and various trainings I was attending, I felt that my professional jigsaw puzzle was missing a very important piece. It wasn’t about the belly any more, which was still there. The problem was, that one system didn’t have any logic; another one was lacking scientific justification, while the third one wouldn’t provide for growth. To top it all, because of the trainings my body starting aching, especially my back. Besides, it was not in my intention to ruin my bely-decorated body. 

One day I visited a Pilates seminar. I had read about wonderful effects of this method, so I had some expectations when I started. Having finished several courses at different schools, I felt disappointed as no magic happened. And the worst thing was the pain was growing.  

At about the same time I joined the team of World Class. To my biggest surprise, by the time I had finished the first Pilates stage there practicing on Gratz equipment, the back pain was gone. 

With every following seminar, my admiration for the genius of Pilates grew stronger as well as my gratitude to Romana, who carefully passed on the knowledge and the method. Finally, the puzzle was complete.

Nowadays, I see how the method is changing my body and the bodies of my colleagues and students, how they become naturally healthy, fit and strong. It is an incredible inspiration for me. This is what I have been looking for. Now I am in the right place.  Oh, and the belly is gone.

About Mind Body Studio in Moscow, Russia

“Over the years of my sports and fitness career I have had the opportunity to conduct lessons and master classes in more than 20 countries, observe the development of fitness technologies, the emergence and development of new programs in different countries. And only now, having accumulated enough practical experience and knowledge, I can say with confidence: I know what each of us needs, how we cannot only improve our body and gain a tonus, but also "get stronger" spiritually. And the name for all these tricks is the Pilates system. Not so complicated and accessible to everyone without exception."

Pilates is the system that fits perfectly to different people - trained and beginners, very young and the elderly, energetic and tired.

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