Cotrone Pilates Spring Fling 2020

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All are welcome to join us for a 2-day immersive, educational event featuring some of today’s top classical Pilates instructors and a live interactive podcast recording with Darien Gold, host of All Things Pilates, followed by our annual wine and cheese party!

From Saturday, May 2nd to Sunday, May 3rd get hands on training with

  • DANA SANTI from Chicago
  • JUAN ESTRADA from New York
  • DARIEN GOLD from Sonoma County
  • CARRIE RUSSO, SUSANNAH COTRONE, and SAM COTRONE from our home studio in West Hollywood

Saturday evening at 6 pm, Darien Gold producer, writer, and host of the podcast ALL THINGS PILATES will interview our presenters LIVE at the Cotrone Pilates Studio C. As part of the podcast Darien will take questions from the audience for the presenters. The live podcast recording will be followed by our annual wine and cheese party!

We are offering 1-day and 2-day Spring Fling tickets as well as the option to purchase a single ticket to attend Saturday night’s All Thing Pilates live podcast recording and wine & cheese party.

Reserve your place before March 30th and receive an early bird discount.

Day 1 - $300
Early Bird Pricing End March 30, 2020 - $275

All Things Pilates Podcast with Darien Gold followed by Cotrone wine and cheese party - $40
Early Bird Pricing End March 30, 2020 - $35

Day 2 - $250
Early Bird Pricing Ends March 30, 2020 - $225

DAY 1 & 2 - $520 *best bargain
Early Bird Pricing Ends March 30, 2020 - $500

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sam and Susannah Cotrone

Saturday & Sunday | May 2nd & May 3rd, 2020
Location: 848 North La Cienega Boulevard #205, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: (213) 445-8114
Spring Fling Reservations: REGISTER HERE

Spring Fling Day 1
Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

8am - 9am: Mat Class with Chaz Knight
9am - 12pm: Barrels with Dana Santi

  • Whether it’s the Ladder Barrel, Half Barrel, or Spine Corrector, review these exercises and gain an understanding as to which pieces may be better for specific postures and how prominent and important they are for our modern-day tech society. Lastly, let’s connect all the proper positioning of the body to improve the workout that we love!

12pm - 1pm: Lunch (There are plenty of local places to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. In walking distance. We will provide a list and directions:)
1pm - 3pm: How to Strengthen a Weakness with Susannah Cotrone

  • Ever wonder how you are going to progress your client to the more advanced exercises they admire and want to do, but you know they aren’t ready for? In this workshop we will identify specific weaknesses and where strength needs to be built, and how to use the system to build it.

3pm - 5pm: Tool or a Crutch with Carrie Russo

  • Are you in a Pilates rut? Have you gone on autopilot in your teaching or practice? Carrie’s workshop will help you look at your teaching and personal practice in a new perspective. We will examine how there are some wonderful tools to use in Pilates. We will dive in, asking ourselves if we are using the tool to help us achieve the goal of the exercise or, has it become an unconscious crutch, which ultimately is cheating us and/or our client? This includes the way we teach as well! You will leave with opened eyes and a refreshed perspective.
5pm - 6pm: Break

6pm: “All Things Pilates” Podcast, Party, and Raffle

  • Live radio show with host Darien Gold followed by the Cotrone Pilates Spring Fling annual wine and cheese party! Raffle with fabulous prizes donated by Gratz, Pilatesology, and PilatesNerd.
Spring Fling Day 2

Sunday,  May 3rd, 2020

9am - 10am: Mat Class with Sam Cotrone

  • Let's get down, get funky, get ready! Do you have the stamina to keep up with a 57 year old? If so, Sam will see you on the mat!

10am - 1pm: 7 Foundational Moves with Darien Gold

  • Joseph Pilates considered the Mat to be “the most challenging apparatus” because the body must use its own resistance to master each move. Taking this to heart, Darien presents THE FIRST SEVEN. Darien’s workshop is designed to help new as well as experienced teachers execute seven basic classical Pilates mat exercises. In this 3-hour workshop, numerous versions of each exercise are presented for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. It also includes the use of props. When instructors guide their students through the first seven exercises they will have plenty of variations to keep students engaged and motivated. THE FIRST SEVEN: Hundred, Roll up, Leg circles, Rolling like a ball, Single leg stretch  Double leg stretch, and Spine stretch forward. In 1994, Darien Gold was first introduced to the classical Pilates basic mat exercises by Romana Kryzanowska and was amazed by the simplicity yet, challenging first seven exercises. In fact, Darien produced THE FIRST SEVEN in a DVD format and will be available at the workshop and on Amazon.
12pm - 1pm: Lunch (On Sundays there is an amazing Farmer’s Market just around the corner from the studio. Great place to grab a bite and enjoy the outside:)

2pm - 5pm: Advanced Cadillac Progressions with Juan Estrada

  • The Cadillac at times is used for rehabilitation for various injuries and also for the strong and healthy client creating a complete challenging workout. Come learn the final series of Cadillac exercises that are rarely seen as some should not be attempted without supervision.


Cotrone Pilates Fitness


Susannah Cotrone is co-owner of Cotrone Pilates and in 2001 was certified by the New York Pilates Guild and then grandfathered into Romana’s Pilates and became a second generation instructor following the lineage of Joseph Pilates under the tutelage of Romana Kyransowska. Susannah currently co-owns Cotrone Pilates with her husband Sam Cotrone in West Hollywood since 2013, and offers a classical Pilates certification program that is certifying the third generation of classical Pilates Instructors. Susannah was the featured talent and co-choreographer of the original.

Winsor Pilates video series that was distributed worldwide, and she also created, starred and produced two DVDs for Pilatesstick, a portable Pilates tool and training program. Susannah has been featured in Pilatesstyle magazine and on “TV Guide’s” Hollywood Bodies and Hollywood’s Hard Bodies for her work with Hollywood celebrities and expertise with the Pilates method. Susannah has been featured on,, and
Pilates Style magazine. 


Dana Santi was certified through the New York Pilates Guild in 1998. She studied under the tutelage of Juanita Lopez and obtained full certification from Romana Kryzanowska. The Dana Santi Pilates studio is located just outside of Chicago, where she runs a rigorous and exacting certification program. She is a featured instructor on Pilates Anytime, and when she teaches Pilates she believes in making every effort to keep Pilates pure, authentic and true to its original form. More about Dana (hyperlink to

Juan Estrada has over 18 years of fitness teaching experience having built an extensive client base in his home city of New York and expanded nationally and internationally.  He was introduced to Pilates while a professional dancer in Chicago and counts as  his mentors, Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Liekens, Susan Moran, and Alycea Ungaro. More about Juan (hyperlink to

Darien Gold was introduced to the Pilates method in 1992, and she felt an immediate connection to the work and began studying with Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates premier disciple. The Pilates technique seemed familiar to Darien because of her extensive background in high level gymnastics and her eighteen years as a professional dancer. Darien spent the next few years incorporating Pilates into her dance classes and in 1997, completed her Pilates certification. More about Darien (hyperlink to

Chaz Knight has been teaching Pilates for three years. Two years after receiving his Pilates certification, where he went from apprentice to running the certification program and teaching 40 hours a week, Chaz decided to go out on his own. More about Chaz

Carrie Russo is certified through the elite Romana's Pilates in 2005 and was fortunate to study directly with Romana during her certification, making her a Second-Generation Instructor, a rarity today, particularly rare in the Los Angeles area. She’s been teaching since 2005 and has had many clients from celebrities, to elite athletes, to senior citizens to young moms.  Men and Women. All body types, all walks of life. More about Carrie (hyperlink to

Sam Cotrone was certified in 2001 and currently co-owns Cotrone Pilates with his wife  Susannah Cotrone in West Hollywood since 2013, and offers a classical Pilates certification program that is certifying the third generation of classical Pilates Instructors. Sam has worked exclusively with top Hollywood clients, from in front of the camera, to behind. He has also worked with many heads of studios. Sam’s clients come to see him exclusively from as far away as Europe, Asia, Toronto, and New York. Sam is one of the most sought-after instructors in Los Angeles, and frequently works with many of the Dancing with the Stars celebrities and dancers.
More about Sam (hyperlink to


Darien Gold, producer, writer and host of the podcast, ALL THINGS PILATES brings her style and interviewing skills she developed as a radio show host. Her intention is to reach a larger audience and give greater exposure to guests who knew or worked with Joseph Pilates. In addition, First, Second and Third Generation instructors are also featured who are passionate about the Pilates philosophy, tradition and principles.

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