Classical Pilates Convention, Athens, Greece

Classical Pilates Convention, Athens Greece

Presenters: Dana Santi, Tony Balongo and Gloria Gasperi. This Workshop is for teachers who want to simplify their teaching, but stay to the point. Teach the client to move and listen to their body. Learn to observe and understand their needs without interfering. Hosted by Keren Patzia. Further details about the convention on the website



Date: November 24th - November 25th, 2018

Location: The Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece

Cost: 480 euros. Early Bird registration (2 days)

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About Dana Santi

Dana Santi began studying the Pilates method in 1996 in Evanston, IL. She studied under the direction of Juanita Lopez and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998. After completing her certification, Dana taught at and managed The Pilates Studio of The Midwest at Hubbard Street in Chicago, IL, a certification studio for what was The New York Pilates Studio® and The Pilates Guild™. In 2002, Dana opened The Pilates Core, Inc. in LaGrange, IL. She has always believed that keeping Pilates authentic is what makes a successful studio. In 2004, Dana met and studied with Jay Grimes in Los Angeles, CA. That meeting changed Dana's life and she is honored to borrow every ounce of inspiration and wisdom that he can provide. Dana devotes much of her non-teaching time to studying and networking with other classically trained teachers. With their combined expertise, Dana organizes workshops and conferences devoted to educating participants in the traditional and authentic Pilates method. In 2016, Dana closed down The Pilates Core, moved the studio and rebranded as Dana Santi Pilates. This move has allowed Dana to teach, travel, train and most importantly be there for her kids. Dana can be found teaching classes on Pilates Anytime and currently, Dana serves as Co-Chair and is a founding member of the Authentic Pilates Union.

Dana Santi Pilates Studio

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February 2014

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About Tony Balongo

Tony Balongo, London born with Spanish descent. I have a background in contact sports, martial arts, British boxing. I snowboard when I can and kite surf too, and I am crazy into motorcycles. I came to Spain on a motorcycle and decided to stay. I discovered Pilates through boxing. I had spent a few years living Essaouira, Morocco training regularly with a 5 time Moroccan lightweight champion named Boushma. Boushma was a man in his late 60’s maybe 70’s and was as fierce as any 30 year old I had ever came across. Boushma came across Pilates while training boxers in Harlem and Brooklyn, New York. The training he gave me involved a lot of core work and looking back I can see he had unknowingly incorporated a little bit of the Pilates Method here and there. I felt I had been exposed to the tip of the iceberg and was really hungry for more.

Upon my return to Spain I began taking classes and shortly after then began a training course. The big change for me came when I attended a Pilates conference and met Peter Fiasca, Kathryn Ross-Nash, and Brett Howard in person. They blew my mind. As I was observing one of Peter’s workshops, “Pilates for most men”, I could see he wasn’t use to the equipment he was using. I asked Kathryn Ross-Nash about this. She told me about Gratz and about the Classical Pilates Conference Dana Santi holds in Chicago. I couldn’t wait until May to attend.

I was a Gratz virgin and it was there that it all changed. I had booked a class with Jay Grimes and booked myself for what was marathon of workshops. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to take a class with somebody that had learned from the big man himself including Peter Fiasca, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Mari Winsor, Brooke Siler, Chris Robinson. All of whom are close friends now.


Tony Balongo | Valencia Classical Pilates Studio


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About Gloria Gasperi

I met Pilates for the first time in 1999 in Boston. I used to teach fitness and sports and, being there on vacation, I decided to try a mat class. I couldn’t understand immediately, but from the very first time, I felt something special in this work, a special connection, and a great desire to understand more! At the time, I couldn’t find a Classical Pilates school in Italy, so I started studying with Peak in Holland. I completed my path by receiving a Comprehensive Certification in Boston with Clare Dunphy, founder and instructor of Progressive Bodyworks.

My Pilates life reached a new level 5 years ago when I began studying with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. I love Jay’s philosophy on The Work. He says, “You can’t teach Pilates. You can only guide people to find it in their own body.” Well, Jay is really unique in that and he has total respect for The Work Joe Pilates himself taught him! Sandy is an amazing teacher and leader to guide a great place where everybody can go and experience the original Work!

I have completed their selective program called “The Work” and I’m currently attending “Teaching The Work”. For this special program, Jay personally selects 12 people from all over the world and teaches them Joe’s philosophy and method. I am honored and glad to be part of this lucky group with my amazing colleagues.

I have a degree in Movement Sciences and I always find it incredible how all the things I’ve studied perfectly match my own body’s experience in Pilates. Pilates is more than gymnastics to me. It’s really a magical experience that changes your body, your mind, and elevates your spirit. When I am teaching, I pass down all my passion, experience, and respect for the original, universal work. I always focus on giving something special to anyone in front of me.

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