Carrie Russo from Pilatesology is coming to Portland, Oregon

CARRIE Russo February Banner Workshop

What is the Goal?

Knowing the goal of each exercise is essential to understanding the work. It informs both how you execute an exercise and how you teach it. When you know the Goal (aka the purpose), it simplifies and clarifies both questions and confusion. This workshop is a must for any teacher and every lover of Pilates.

Saturday February 22nd, 2020 11p - 3p

Location: Authentic Pilates- The Art of Control 10445 SW Canyon Rd Suite 220-A Beaverton, OR. 97005

Website: Carrie Russo Website

Phone: Call 503-914-9310 to REGISTER

About Carrie Russo

My philosophy is simple: Working Hard and Having Fun are not mutually exclusive.  It is my promise that both will happen every session! Romana was one of Joseph Pilates few proteges.  Joseph and his wife, Clara, entrusted Romana to carry on his work. Carrie was fortunate to study directly with Romana during her certification, making her a Second Generation Instructor, a rarity today, particularly rare in the Los Angeles area.  

Romana's Pilates is known to be "THE" certification within the Pilates community. It is far from a weekend certification as Apprentices are required to study and train hard for well over a year, observing a minimum of 600 hours before completing 6 tests, both practical and written, before Master Teachers agree to certify them. Carrie has been teaching since 2005 and has had many clients from celebrities, to elite athletes, to senior citizens to young moms.  Men and Women. All body types, all walks of life.   

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