Advanced Teacher Training with Dana Santi

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Date: Wednesday - Sunday October 2nd - 6th, 2019

Location: Dana Santi Pilates | 4 Walker Avenue, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

Phone: (708)-482-0258



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Dana Santi Pilates and Joe Pilates Principles

Explore the notion that Joe was well more than 50 years ahead of his time. Explore the notion that everything he wanted us to know is written within his book, Return To Life and Your Health.  Joe Pilates was setting us up for unprecedented success and answered many of our questions a long time ago.  It is time to end the game of telephone within this work, to recognize our elders had an opinion about this work and to bring back Joe’s work and only Joe’s.

The Dana Santi Pilates project theorizes that by studying his book we can recognize HIS principles, HIS purposes and HIS predictions of movement through his writing. From his directions to his words, he left nothing undone and truly finished his work.  As most of the focus is on the mat work, we will analyze how his words translate to the apparatus.

No matter your background, no matter your training, it’s time to all stand together in the same room and embrace the work and movement of Joe and only Joe.  Join us in returning the Pilates Industry back to its roots by simply understanding the truths. Without a doubt, this will be a workshop like no other!!!


To gain a new understanding of the classical method and recognize how the method is what teaches the body. Reignite your excitement for exploring the work on your own body and how that will change your teaching…lastly, to truly understand Joe’s genius behind this work.

Feet and Hands

Understand how the placement, energy and movement of them is crucial to the work. Learn what their purpose is within the exercises.

The Pelvis

Explore the different shapes and how not all of them should be created equal. The pelvis is a large structure that pivots and needs space to work. Understand how basic postures are quick guides as to what is strong and what is weak within the body. Begin to understand how to connect the hands and the feet from the tips to the hips.

Muscle Patterns

Take a look at how the muscles run in the body. Understand what you can ask and expect from different bodies by the direction of the muscle. Discover how these patterns are what change the body.

*This program is not a review of all the Pilates exercises. This program is designed to teach teachers (no matter your background) to become independent thinkers, to question what we all learned and gain the freedom to explore the classical method in a whole new light. It’s raw, It’s unedited and it’s time to get real!

TRAINING FEE: 5 full days $2100 – October 2 - 6, 2019


Project Return / Adv. Training

About Dana Santi

Dana Santi began studying the Pilates method in 1996 in Evanston, IL. She studied under the direction of Juanita Lopez and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998. After completing her certification, Dana taught at and managed The Pilates Studio of The Midwest at Hubbard Street in Chicago, IL, a certification studio for what was The New York Pilates Studio® and The Pilates Guild™. In 2002, Dana opened The Pilates Core, Inc. in LaGrange, IL. She believes that keeping Pilates authentic is what makes a successful studio. In 2004, Dana met and studied with Jay Grimes in Los Angeles, CA.