A Weekend of Pilates with Miguel Silva

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Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd - 4th, 2019

Location: 124 High Street, DY8 1DT Stourbridge

Phone: 01384 376533


Website: http://everybodypilates.co.uk

A Weekend of Pilates with Miguel Silva

We are very excited to announce that, for the first time in the Midlands, Miguel Silva will present a weekend of Pilates at Everybody Pilates in Stourbridge.
This 2 day event will include private lessons/classes on Friday 3 May and Workshops on Saturday 4 May.


Workshop 1: Enhance and Refine: Saturday 4 May 10 am – 1 pm

Are you getting the most out of every exercise you perform? Trying to find the missing link? Whatever level you're working out at, Miguel will help you polish your technique to get the most out of your workout. If you're a teacher, get your clients working harder and smarter. Something for everyone in this workout to have you taking Pilates to the next level.

Workshop 2: Defying Gravity the Pilates Way: Saturday 4 May 2 pm – 5 pm

Use the equipment to help get your hips off the mat! Struggle with or want to improve your inversions? Help your clients lift their hips in the right way or hold those seals and crabs with confidence.

miguel silva

About Miguel Silva

Born in Portugal, Miguel da Silva inherited his father’s taste for physical activity. He practised many sports including handball, basketball, football, field hockey, cycling, swimming and surfing. This interest led him to the conclusion that "everyone has a different body and different needs"

During his two years in the UK, Miguel started practising Yoga and increasing his interest in the body. When back in Portugal, he began studying alternative medicine, specializing in Shiatsu. He later settled in Seville where he first experienced Pilates.

Through Pilates, he improved his surfing, practically eliminated the pain in his lower back and gave him flexibility. He met, Fabien Menegon (Romana Kryzanowska's lineage), of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates, and when he had completed his training was invited to be part of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates training program.

Miguel is very passionate about Pilates, a respected member of the industry and owner of The Uno Pilates Studio and master trainer.

He has been a teacher for Pilatesology, following his dream to share the work of Joe Pilates! “I wanna offer to all professional quality training to all those who wish to dedicate the Classical Pilates.”

Miguel was one of 12 selected to enter the highly regarded graduate program “The Work” at the Vintage Pilates studio under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself.

“In Pilates we work the body as one! We don’t pull pieces apart we make the body work as one, where everything comes from your “stomach”.”



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