5th Annual Contrology Freak™ Challenge - Raffle Prizes

October 26, 2022

Contrology freak Challenge Banner

You’re invited to celebrate Joseph Pilates’ Birthday week! Join Contrology Freaks around the world for our annual #contrologyfreakchallenge. Are you ready to party?

Starting Dec 9th, “get your freak on” using the Wunda Chair! Post daily pics, carousels or reels that demonstrate how you might 1.) introduce 2.) challenge &/or 3.) reinforce each specific movement pattern across multiple pieces of apparatus.

WHERE: Instagram! Follow your IG host @KiraSLamb  by December 8

WHEN: December 9 - December 15, 2022

BYOP: Bring Your Own Pictures (or videos) to show us how you #workthesystem


Pass beyond the velvet rope & into the VIP section where you’ll:

  • Qualify to win a gift from one of our 7 sponsors!
  • Get an exclusive peek into each sponsor’s gift bag.
  • Receive reminders, tips, & inspiration for each daily challenge.
  • Get insider info about the birthday boy & our sponsors.



Gratz is delighted to be a sponsor for this event. Participate in Kira's Contrology Freak Challenge for the full 7 days for your chance to win some exclusive Raffle prizes from Gratz pilates.