2018 Classic Pilates International Workshop with Sabina Formichella at Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

2018 Classic Pilates International Workshop with Sabina Formichella at Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

2018 Classic Pilates International Workshop with Sabina Formichella at Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio


클래식 필라테스와 재활 필라테스의 대가인 사비나 포미첼라는 1990년대 처음으로 클래식 필라테스를 이탈리아에 보급시킨 세계적인 마스터 이며 물리치료사 입니다. . 현재 이탈리아에서 트루 필라테스를 운영하고 있으며, Sapienza 의과대학과 공동 연구를 통해 필라테스 운동이 파킨슨 및 근위축 환자들에게 효과가 있음을 과학적으로 입증시킨 장본인 이며 현재에도 의학분야의 필라테스 응용에 관한 25가지 이상의 실험적 논문을 진행하고 있습니다. . . 교육일정 및 내용



Workshops with Sabina Formichella

  • Scoliosis
  • Vertical Mat
  • Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis



Date: November 16th - 18th, 2018

Location: Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio, 4F Baeksong Bldg. Cheongdamdong 68-16, Gangnamgu, Seoul 135-953, Korea

Telephone: 02-548-6687

Email: leafpilates@naver.com

Website: www.leafpilates.com



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About Sabina Formichella

Sabina Formichella is the Director And Manager Training Instructor for True Pilates Italy. She is a Romana's Pilates level 3 Teacher Trainer and responsible for the general direction of True Pilates Italy. Sabina studied the Pilates method directly in New York alongside the Roman Kryzanowska, a student taught by Joseph Pilates known to have supported for years the teacher-in-teaching method and for having continued the Studio Pilates after his death.

Physiotherapist specializing in Posturology released by the University La Sapienza in Rome and prominent athlete in track and field, Sabina was the first to bring the original Pilates in Rome in 2001. She began to study the Pilates method in the late '90s when in Italy the discipline was still unknown. Prepared personally by Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo, he has followed a long and demanding training specialist at the headquarters in New York and joined the Roman Sari and training new instructors for over 10 years.

Designated by Roman Kryzanowska as head of training and refresher courses for Pilates instructors in Italy, Sabina now directs the first national training center for instructors, coordinates the activities of Pilates at national and international level and has been teaching at major international fora and at the University La Sapienza University of Rome.

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Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

About Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

We are making our best efforts to lead from Korea to the world. Leaf Pilates is an educational institute in Seoul Designated by Ron Fletcher Pilates (USA) and Gyrotonic® (USA) International Education Association acknowledged over the world. Leaf Pilates consisting of internationally certified lecturers promises your health and happiness through specified professionalism of Pilates and Gyrotonic®.


Leaf Pilates Cheongdam main office is performing various business including Pilates franchise, retail, distribution, education, etc., and is enthusiastically making great efforts for Pilates culture development in Korea.

Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio






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