2018 Classic Pilates International Workshop with Murat Berkin at Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

2018 Classic Pilates International Workshop with Murat Berkin at Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio


마스터 강사: Murat Berkin(무랏 버킨) 현재 터키의 이스탄불 지역에서 필라테스 스튜디오를 운영하고 있는 Murat Berkin은 2006년 필라테스를 시작하여 조셉 허벌트 필라테스의 1세대 제자인 Jay Grimes 에게 훈련을 받았으며 그와 3년간 전 세계에서 워크샵을 진행하며 클래식 필라테스의 보급에 앞장서 왔습니다. Pilatesoloy에서 더욱 유명한 Murat Berkin을 한국에서 직접 만나보세요!



Date: March 23rd - 25th, 2018

Location: Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio, 4F Baeksong Bldg. Cheongdamdong 68-16, Gangnamgu, Seoul 135-953, Korea

Telephone: 02-548-6687

Email: leafpilates@naver.com

Website: www.leafpilates.com



Event Information

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장소: 리프 필라테스 클래식 청담 스튜디오

일정: 2018년 3월 23(금), 24(토), 25일(일)

금액: 440,000원 (each day) - 부가세 포함

얼리버드 행사 (2018년 2월 10일 이전 등록자) : 396,000원 (each day) - 부가세 포함

정원: 25명 (each day)

등록 및 문의: 02-548-6687




Day 1

Classical Advanced Mat
(2 Hours)

Pushes and Pull on the Mat
(2 Hours)

Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel
(2 Hours)



Day 2

Classical Full Reformer
(3 Hours)

Classical Full Cadillac
(3 Hours)



Day 3

Teaching Imbalances
(2 Hours)

Full Wunda Chair - Home Reformer
(4 Hours)



About Murat Berkin

Murat Berkin is a former chief dancer for the State Opera and Ballet company of Turkey. He began his Pilates career in 2006 and then opened the only Classical Pilates studio, Murat Berkin Pilates Studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Murat has trained with Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Teacher and for the last three years he has traveled all over the world giving lectures and conferences with him.

Murat's strong focus and commitment to the Pilates method is the reason behind the Classical Pilates Conference. The annual conference provides support for Pilates instructors and brings awareness to the instruction of the Pilates Method in Turkey.


Gratz Gallery
On the Electric Chair
On Universal Reformer
Snake & Twist on Universal Reformer




Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

About Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio

We are making our best efforts to lead from Korea to the world. Leaf Pilates is an educational institute in Seoul Designated by Ron Fletcher Pilates (USA) and Gyrotonic® (USA) International Education Association acknowledged over the world. Leaf Pilates consisting of internationally certified lecturers promises your health and happiness through specified professionalism of Pilates and Gyrotonic®.


Leaf Pilates Cheongdam main office is performing various business including Pilates franchise, retail, distribution, education, etc., and is enthusiastically making great efforts for Pilates culture development in Korea.

Leaf Pilates Cheongdam Studio






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