(Past Event) Spring Workshops with Clare at Precision Pilates Studio

Spring Workshops with Clare at Precision Pilates Studio



Date: May 19th - 20th, 2018

Location: Precision Pilates Studio 401A York Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 3P8, Canada

Phone: (506) 440-8680

Email: info@frederictonpilates.com

Website: www.frederictonpilates.com

Event Information: progressivebodyworksinc.com/education/continuing-education



Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Spine Corrector Extravaganza (2hrs)
We think of the Spine Corrector as the apparatus of choice for individual needs exercises to open up the chest, shoulders, and hips. Yet there is so much more we can do on this home friendly, space efficient apparatus! We will discover many other possibilities for Spine Corrector usage that are practical and really work in both a private and semi- private setting to give you more tools and ideas

Progressing Your Client (2hrs)
If you’re not progressing, you’re GUESSING. Cara and I will take you with us on a journey looking at what progression looks like and how you can bring your clients to higher levels. Hint: It doesn’t always mean adding new exercises!



Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Small Equipment Yielding Big Results (2hrs)
The smaller apparatus can really pack a punch. Help fix the “little issues” your clients have by integrating the foot corrector, toe corrector, pedipole, breathasizer, neck stretcher, and arm chair. The first step is to recognize the weak point that you see showing up in the main workout. Next we are ready to make exercise choices on these other apparatus to help “fix” the issue. Develop your critical thinking skills to determine a successful course of action so your clients progress and feel stronger in their daily life activities. Regardless of age or fitness level, there is a challenge we can find in the Pilates System for everyone.

p style="text-align: left;">Age Strong (2hrs)
What’s right for us in our 20’s and 30’s really shifts as we enter our 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Pilates is the anti-aging medicine of the future. Learn what aging bodies and minds can gain from Pilates and dispel some of the myths of aging that remain an active part of the youth culture. On a practical note, you’ll see some exercise modifications and techniques that you’ll find very useful.



About Clare Dunphy Hemani

Romana Certified Teacher. Clare Dunphy Hemani is a world recognized Pilates teacher and educator. Her roots in the industry began at Northeastern University, Boston where she earned a BS in Physical Education in 1985. She holds certifications through The Pilates Guild, PMA, and ACE. In 1995, Clare began her Pilates studies under Romana Kryzanowska and has since studied with several other teachers. Clare lives in Newburyport, MA where her studio Progressive Bodyworks is located, a unique space for teachers around the world to study the art of teaching Pilates. She has spent the past 12 years mentoring teachers and teacher trainers worldwide and created two free video channels on vimeo.com for students and teachers interested in continued learning and keeping the work vibrant in their life. Committed to preserving the authenticity and tradition of Pilates, her approach is refreshing, energetic and supportive. Clare's gift is her willingness to share knowledge generously and her ability to explain concepts in simple, clear ways. (Source)

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Precision Pilates Studio

About Precision Pilates Studio

At Precision Pilates we believe strongly in Joseph Pilates' original teaching. Not only have we watched our own bodies transform, heal, learn, and thrive with this great method, we have also watched our clients do the same. Pilates is accessible to every body whether you are a high performing athlete, an average human, or someone overcoming injury or health issues, or life stressors. Pilates will help you move better and feel better from the inside out.


All of the exercises we teach were developed by Joseph Pilates and handed down directly to the first generation Pilates teachers who studied with Joe himself. They in turn have shared this method with others. This direct lineage is only experienced with Authentic Pilates teachers. We are incredibly fortunate to both learn from these esteemed teachers and passionately pass along what they so graciously shared with us.

Cara, the studio owner and senior teacher, has learned from many of the greatest Pilates teachers in the world. In addition to her original training with Clare Dunphy in Boston (A second generation teacher) she has attended more than ten Authentic Pilates Conferences in the last five years. She has taken private lessons and workshops with Jay Grimes (who learned from Joe Pilates himself), Brooke Siler, Dorothee Vandewall, Kathi Ross-Nash, Dana Santi, Peter Fiasca, Anthony Rabara, Sean Gallager, Chris Robinson, Cary Regan, Dan Agren, Murat Burkin, and others.

Cara's Pilates expertise is met equally by degree work in Kinesiology at UNB and an acceptance to the Canadian College of Osteopathy, Dalhousie Campus which required a great deal of prior learning. A program she will begin in the future.

Our other incredible teachers have 700 hr Authentic Pilates teacher apprenticeships as well as have attended multiple conferences.

Carol Illsley brings a special understanding of Authentic Pilates to our team as someone who used the method to recover from a motorcycle accident that left her disabled for 20 years. She began as Cara's client nearly a decade ago and has since become one of the most outstanding Pilates teachers in Canada. Carol's commitment to learning about the body and digging deep within her own being to.

Precision Pilates Studio






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