(Past Event) Sandy Shimoda Workshops and Workouts at The Vitality Method Pilates Studio


Sandy Shimoda Workshops and Workouts at Vitality Method Pilates


Date: January 26th - 28th, 2018

Location: The Vitality Method Studio, 2590 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite D, Duluth, GA 30097

Phone: (678) 957-3000

Website: www.vitalitymethod.com

Event Information: www.vitalitymethod.com/pilatestrainingschool/workshopsforteachers.html




Working With Your Equipment
Joe created equipment to help you access, and stay connected to, your Center. The springs, straps, handles, poles, shoulder pads, pedals and barrels give you valuable feedback and guidance as you move. Deepen your workout by understanding how to use and learn from the equipment.

Back To Basics
The Center is comprised of the back, the seat and the stomach. In this workshop we will focus on understanding how the muscles of the back work in every Pilates exercise, through both discussion and practice.

The Less Used Exercises
Sandy will review exercises that are seldom used on the Chairs, Guillotine and Barrels. Come in with requests for exercises that you want to review or that you want to understand more completely. This review will inspire you to address the needs of your clients in a new way. This workshop offers you the chance to expand your repertoire of useful exercises, and understand Joe’s Chairs, Guillotine and Barrels in a new way.

Play Pilates
Play + Pilates = Vitality and the point of doing Pilates is to have more vitality in life. Bringing the element of play into your workouts will join the elements of freedom, control, balance, coordination and breath in your movement. If you play sports, come find out how this approach will sharpen your skills and improve your conditioning. If your workout has become too serious or static, come infuse new life into your workouts. If you are a teacher, come explore the many ways that students and teachers can benefit from the element of play.



About Sandy Shimoda

Sandy is the owner of Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles, a studio dedicated to teaching Pilates the way Joe intended it. Students and teachers from around the globe have made the studio a destination and Sandy enjoys finding creative ways to make Vintage Pilates accessible. Under the direction of Jay Grimes, Sandy operates two Masters level training programs for certified teachers of all disciplines. At Vintage Pilates she aims to bring teachers together in a supportive community that encourages a deeper study and practice of Contrology, looking beyond the exercises to understand the entire method and philosophy of Joe Pilates.

Having taught movement for over 30 years, Sandy has a keen understanding of the body. She is best known for her “pleasant but powerful”, “creative but clear” approach to teaching. Clients often comment on her ability to positively transform people—with her hands, with her words, and with her belief in them. Teachers describe her as possessing a “wisdom” that encourages deeper understanding and independent thinking.

Sandy has studied Pilates with Lori Coleman-Brown, Dorothee Vandewalle, Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes and is grateful to each of them for their individual brilliance and the generosity of their teaching. A perpetual student, Sandy has also received training in related areas such as Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Rice Release and Yoga which have developed her intuitive and tactile approach to teaching. Sandy holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Business Administration.

Vintage Pilates

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About The Vitality Method Studio

"Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you've got a kingdom" - Jack Lalanne

"Presso questo centro è possibile seguire il programma di formazione degli insegnanti ed effettuare il tirocinio per la certificazione".

The complete VITALITY METHOD is the combination of Classical Pilates sessions, Optimum Nutrition, and Athletic Performance training/cardiovascular exercise.

We have consistently found that when clients combine these elements, in that order, the bodies’ vitality increases tremendously. We strongly feel that the Vitality Method is the best program for healthy aging.

You will be able to feel younger longer!

The foundations of the Vitality Method studio are the exercises of Joseph Pilates. In order to achieve and maintain the vitality of the body and mind throughout our lives we put emphasis on nutrition, and athletic performance training.

All of our instructors have gone through 600+ hours of training to achieve a certification to teach Pilates. They have comprehensive training on all of the Pilates apparatus. The instructors are supportive for individuals with special needs; however they can also challenge the most elite athlete.

The Pilates instructors, and personal trainers, attend yearly continuing education classes and seminars, as required, to bring our clients the best and latest in their field.

*Note about choosing a Pilates Studio. Always inquire about the certification of the Pilates instructor and the studio you are thinking about attending. For an individual’s safety and quality of instruction we strongly disagree with the numerous “weekend certifications” that are available today. Joseph Pilates spent 60+ years perfecting his method of exercise and rehabilitation; we feel that it cannot be learned in a weekend.

The Vitality Method Studio







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