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Marian and Miguel will teach four empowering workshops including Footwork here, Footwork there, Footwork everywhere!, The Girdle of Strength, Reform(er) Your Practice Through Your Feet and Use Your Hands to Communicate. Private lessons will also be available.

O Authentic Classical Pilates Studio no Porto tem o prazer de receber os colegas Marian Tarin & Miguel Jorge Jr. para um fim de semana de troca de conhecimento nos dias 3 e 4 de Fevereiro 2018. Marian & Miguel são proprietários do Pilatistic Old School Pilates em Barcelona e detêm o Diploma 'Teaching The Work' de Jay Grimes e também mais recentemente o Diploma 'Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Program' da Professora Kathryn Ross-Nash. Vão compartilhar toda essa experiência num fim de semana que promete ser de muito aprendizagem do Método de Pilates tradicional. Qualquer dos participantes pode ainda agendar sessão privada com os mesmos ou o anfitrião. Este fim de semana é aberto a todos os instrutores e aficionados pelo Pilates num estúdio completamente equipado pela Gratz, o único fabricante original de aparelhos. As vagas são limitadas!!!



Date: February 3rd - 4th, 2018

Location: Authentic Classical Pilates, Avenida da Boavista 3769. Porto, Portugal

Telephone: +351-916-000-054

Email: acpporto@icloud.com

Authentic Classical Pilates



Event Information

To RSVP, contact host Pedro Pereira: acpporto@icloud.com

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Private Lessons

Footwork Here, Footwork There, Footwork Everywhere!
There is a reason why The Reformer repertoire starts with the Footwork. The greatness of this exercise facilitates lots of information of the body in front of us. That is why there are Footworks all over the studio! Develop a keen eye observing different skeletons through their feet and discover the variety of pieces of equipment where the Footwork can be performed.

The Girdle Of Strength
“The girdle of strength” is the term that Joe used to describe the group of muscles in charge of connecting the limbs to the middle. This muscular integration must be activated in all movements to guarantee the effectiveness and benefit of the Method. Delve into the fundamentals of a strong foundation and interpret the essential concepts required to develop a powerful center such as depth, length and alignment. These valuable principles are the key for a body to move freely in all directions.



Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Reform(Er) Your Practice Through Your Feet
Improve your performance on the Reformer by a correct understanding and use of your feet. Learn how to properly stabilize your foundation, lift off your hips, lengthen your spine and strengthen your middle all through your feet! Joe Pilates knew how important the toes, balls, arches and heels of the feet are to improve our posture and maximize our physical potential. That it’s why he made such a big deal about them!

Use Your Hands To Communicate
Developing sensitivity in the hands is essential to transmit to the student the goal of the exercises with greater clarity, correct movements effectively and obtain results immediately. One of the apparatus where you can best practice communication through your hands is on the Mat. In this totally practical workshop, you will learn Joe's well- known "pushes and pulls", just as he taught them to his disciples.



About Marian Tarín

Marian Tarín started practicing Pilates while she was studying Journalism at the International University of Catalonia. She was so amazed the way the Method challenged her body that, when she received her master’s degree in 2004, she decided to undertake a new way.

She has travelled to Brazil and the U.S.A. to train and learn from some of the best Classical Pilates teachers. In 2009, she received her certification from the Pilates Method Alliance. A couple of years later, she opened a studio in Barcelona; she co-owns PILATISTIC Old School Pilates (Centre Pilates Tiana). Due to her unceasing interest in improving her professional skills, she decides to study with elder Jay Grimes, in Los Angeles, California. During her apprenticeship, Marian also trains with the founders of Vintage Pilates, Sandy Shimoda and Karen Frischmann. In 2013, Marian completes The Work and a year later, Jay chooses her for the master Teaching the Work 2015-2016, a highly selective program where she continued improving her skills and developing her own style as a teacher. Marian is honored to be one of the few instructors in the world who has completed this exclusive mentorship.

In parallel, she has collaborated in all the editions of the Valencia Classical Pilates Conference. She's been the translator-assistant of international teachers such as Peter Fiasca, Lori Coleman-Brown, Chris Robinson and Dorothee Vandewalle. Presently, Marian is presenting at the Classical Pilates Conference Brazil 2017.

Due to her incessant will to delve into the Method, Marian is travelling to New York to mentor under the worldwide renowned Kathryn Ross-Nash through her program Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training 2017 The Red Thread ®.


About Miguel Jorge Jr.

Miguel Jorge Jr. has a wide background in sports, such as judo, soccer, surf and water polo. In 1986, he's certified as a coach by the Federation of Sao Paulo of Futsal. Two years later, in 1988, he receives his master’s degree in Physical Education from the Santa Cecilia dos Banderantes University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After post-graduating in Sport Training in the same faculty, he became an associate professor of Masculine Rhythmical Gymnastics. Following the years as a university teacher, he competes in the discipline of Aerobics. In 1991 and 1992, he gained the Silver medal in the Brazilian Aerobic Championship. As a coach, in 1996, Miguel’s athletes won Gold medal in the European Aerobic Championship in Helsinki, Finland. The same year, his team repeated first place in the World Aerobic Championship in Orlando, U.S.A. During this period, Miguel worked in Fitness Conferences in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, and Korea. In 1993, he receives the official Certificate of Reebok as coach of "Body Walking" program by the USP University. Later, he moves to Spain, where he owns a gymnasium in Barcelona, called Studio Olympia. In search of the best teachers, again, Miguel travels to Brazil and the US to study the Classical Pilates Method. In 2009, he obtains the certification of the Pilates Method Alliance. From 2004-2010, Miguel is teacher of the Pilates Certification Program at Orthos Barcelona. Always interested in learning more, he decides to travel to Los Angeles and study with world-renowned teacher, Jay Grimes. In 2013, Miguel receives the Certificate of the selective teachers program The Work. During his apprenticeship, he also trains regularly with the founders of Vintage Pilates, Sandy Shimoda and Karen Frischmann.

Co-owner of PILATISTIC Old School Pilates (Centre Pilates Tiana), Miguel still travels and studies with the best teachers of Traditional Pilates because he believes in the importance of learning more every day. Now he’s thrilled to have started a new apprenticeship in New York next to another world renowned teacher, Kathryn Ross-Nash and her program Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training 2017 The Red Thread ®.


PILATISTIC Old School Pilates

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Authentic Classical Pilates® Studio é o espaço ideal para a prática e aprendizagem correcta do método legado por Joseph Pilates

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