(Past Event) Joseph Pilates' Birthday Celebration Weekend at the Art of Control


Joseph Pilates' Birthday Celebration Weekend at the Art of Control

Join us for this special 3 part weekend of exploring the past while expanding your knowledge in the Pilates Method!



Date: December 9th - 10th, 2017

Location: Art Of Control, 1177 Summer Street, 2nd Floor, Stamford, CT

Website: www.artofcontrol.com

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Good Bones Workshop, Parts 1 & 2

Instructed by Joseph Pilates' very own trainee and professional dancer, Sonjé Mayo. Sonjé specializes in the treatment of Scoliosis, a three-dimensional deformity that occurs when the spine becomes abnormally rotated and curved sideways. She uses the Schroth Method which consists of exercises designed to elongate the trunk, and correct imbalances of the spine. In developing the inner muscles of the rib cage, changes begin to take form in the shape of the upper trunk, which over time corrects any spinal abnormalities. In practice, these specific exercises aim to straighten, centralize, and de-rotate the spine with corrective breathing techniques.


Workshop: Part 1

Date: December 9th, 2017

Time: 10:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Special Mat Class: 9:30 a.m., $40.00 (or free with the purchase of any part of the workshop)

Cost: $280.00



A Day with Joe: A Man & A Method, Part 3

This workshop will offer a rare chance to learn details about Joseph Pilates- who he was as a man and his method as he intended.

Deepen your knowledge and understanding and inspire your teaching with this workshop! Experience and learn many well-known exercises in the Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates originally created and taught them with knowledgeable and experienced instructors Elaine Ewing and Cathy Strack.

Elaine Ewing is certified through The New York Pilates Studio and owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, a fully equipped studio in Rhinebeck, NY. Elaine teaches at her own studio as well as The New York Pilates Studio in NYC. While she is not running her studio she assists Sean Gallagher in managing the Pilates Guild and in the sales of historical Pilates images on the online etsy store - Pilates Posters. As a personal hobby she continues to study and learn the depths of the historical work of Joseph Pilates. Sunday, December 10th, Elaine will teach historical exercises and transitions on a variety of apparatus at the Art of Control. Participants will receive time to practice with each other doing and teaching the exercises.

Cathy Strack began studying the Pilates method in 2001 while working as a Personal Trainer. She holds an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and was a mental health counselor in a previous career. Cathy has published the Pilates Pamphlet, a piece of Pilates history, and is writing a biography about Romana Kryzanowska. In The Man and The Method Workshop we will get up close and personal with Joe as you learn more about his life from Germany to America. We will look at the people and events that shaped his life. View unpublished photographs of Joe and some of his clients. We will review some interviews by Joe and learn a few new quotes from him. Cathy will present stories, as they were told to her, by former clients and friends of Joe; what was he like as a friend, a dutch uncle, a teacher, and businessman. Get to know the man behind the method.


Workshop: Part 3

Date: December 10th, 2017

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Special Mat Class: 9:30 a.m., $40.00 (or free with the purchase of any part of the workshop)

Cost: $280.00



About Sonjé Mayo

Sonjé Mayo was born in South Africa in 1945. At barely four years old, she went to her first classical ballet class and never looked back!

After certifying as a physical therapist at the University of Cape Town, her career as a professional dancer took her to London, England, and then to the USA where she studied jazz dance initially with Luigi and then contemporary dance at the Martha Graham School in NYC. It was here at the Graham School where Sonjé had the privilege of meeting Joseph Pilates. The many Pilates sessions she had with Joseph Pilates, his wife Clara and Romana Kryzanowska proved to have a profound influence on Sonje’s future. Read more here

Sonjé Mayo Pilates Atelier


About Elaine Ewing

Elaine is owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, a classical pilates studio located in the center of Rhinebeck village since 2003. She is a certified Authentic Pilates teacher through the New York Pilates Studio, by Sean Gallagher and Junghee Won. She has studied and practiced pilates extensively through workshops and classes taught by master teachers of the Classical Pilates Method such as Sean Gallagher, Junghee Won, MeJo Wiggin, Steve Giordano, Bob Liekens, Leah Chaback Katz, and Simona Cipriani, to name a few.

Elaine can be found on Pilatesology, the leading online educational video resource for classical pilates, as the model for a number of Junghee Won's and Sean Gallagher's instructional videos.

Rhinebeck Pilates

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About Cathy Strack

Cathy Strack began studying the Pilates method in 2001 while working as a Personal Trainer at the Fort Wayne YMCA. She became certified in 2003 at White Cloud Studios in Cleveland. She owned the Precision Pilates Studio in Fort Wayne for 10 years. Cathy is currently completing the Power Pilates Bridge program and teaches at BodyMind Balance in Cincinnati.



Art of Control

About Art of Control

After graduating, Simona managed the Pilates Studio at Purchase for Romana and a friendship was kindled that would last for decades. After her years of managing the SUNY Purchase Pilates Studio, Simona set off on her own to open her own Studio and travel with Romana assisting her in Workshops both locally and across the globe. Seeing the Pilates program at SUNY Purchase fall dormant and Simona recognizing the importance of reaching out to a younger generation she petitioned the school to start the program up again. With Romana’s blessing The Art of Control at SUNY Purchase was birthed. This time not just as a class for Dancers, but as a fully credited Certificate Program issued by SUNY Purchase. The Certification Program has blossomed as “The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Certification Program.” It incorporates Mat and full Equipment Certifications in the States and abroad!


Art Of Control

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