(Past Event) Continuing Education Workshops at Progressive Bodyworks Studio

Two Workshops at Progressive Bodyworks Studio


Date: November 18 - 19th, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: Progressive Bodyworks Studio, 73 High Street, Newburyport, MA 01950

Website: progressivebodyworksinc.com



Reformer Progressions, Variations & Teaching

Part of growing as a teacher is developing the ability to see weak links in movement and find solutions through cueing, touch or variations that improve performance in the moment. It’s definitely the details that bring exercises to life and improve performance. Once you have learned the exercises in your certification, re-visiting them again with a fresh perspective can make a big difference in how you approach them when you teach people with different body types. We will explore the intermediate reformer repertoire, along with progressions and variations for different body types and identify key precision points in the basic exercises that must be present in order to safely and effectively advance students. We will focus on understanding the goal of the exercise for a particular body type and how to apply teaching techniques to achieve results.



Cadillac & Wunda Chair Refresher

The Cadillac is a versatile apparatus that has endless possibilities. Learn how to incorporate the Tower as part of a mat class, how to play with mat and reformer orders on the Tower, and how to construct targeted sequences for upper and lower body strengthening, upper and lower body flexibility. Finally, learn some not often seen Cadillac endings to give your students a fun surprise.

The Wunda Chair is always full of surprises! It is the great equalizer, revealing imbalances and providing a perfect environment to work on finicky body parts, balance, and control. Whether you are teaching in a group setting or a private setting, there is a “method” to constructing a chair class that is varied, challenging, and fun. Integrating chairs as part of a class is a great way to introduce students to the chairs, challenge a specific area of the body (lower body, powerhouse, rib control, upper body), work on a particular exercise they are finding difficult (teaser, long stretch, swan dive, push ups), or build on a theme (balance, posture, lift, full body control). The philosophy of the chair and hands on techniques will be discussed and practiced and you will come away with class ideas you can use right away.



About Clare Dunphy Hemani

Romana Certified Teacher. Clare Dunphy Hemani is a world recognized Pilates teacher and educator. Her roots in the industry began at Northeastern University, Boston where she earned a BS in Physical Education in 1985. She holds certifications through The Pilates Guild, PMA, and ACE. In 1995, Clare began her Pilates studies under Romana Kryzanowska and has since studied with several other teachers. Clare lives in Newburyport, MA where her studio Progressive Bodyworks is located, a unique space for teachers around the world to study the art of teaching Pilates. She has spent the past 12 years mentoring teachers and teacher trainers worldwide and created two free video channels on vimeo.com for students and teachers interested in continued learning and keeping the work vibrant in their life. Committed to preserving the authenticity and tradition of Pilates, her approach is refreshing, energetic and supportive. Clare's gift is her willingness to share knowledge generously and her ability to explain concepts in simple, clear ways. (Source)

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About Progressive Bodyworks

Why Choose Progressive Bodyworks?
Joseph PilatesJoseph Pilates’ original work is as vital and pertinent today as ever, transforming bodies from the inside out and empowering those who are exposed to his genuine teachings. We are committed to passing on the legacy of Joseph Pilates’ method of body conditioning and are passionate about helping students and teachers alike come to know, love and embrace the work as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Our Pilates education blends methodology with knowledge, coupling personal growth with professional development. We impart more than simply what to teach, but how and why. Our comprehensive, student centered approach has produced excellent teachers world-wide since 2001. We attribute our success to individual attention and personalized coaching, given in a supportive learning environment, which helps groom teachers as they refine their craft. Our mission is to produce teachers who never stop learning.

Whether you are considering primary certification, looking to expand your Pilates teaching knowledge with higher education or simply interested in taking lessons, Clare Dunphy has the deep experience, knowledge and skills to lead you to reach your goals and help you unleash your potential.

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