(Past Event) Jay Grimes and Murat Berkin Workshops at Dana Santi Pilates Studio

Jay Grimes and Murat Berkin Workshops at Dana Santi Pilates Studio


Join Jay Grimes and Murat Berkin in Chicago for three days of amazing Pilates. Space is limited. APU members receive a 10% discount.


Dana Santi Pilates Studio

Date: May 26th - May 28th, 2016

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. (Central Time)

Location: 914 Curtiss Street
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Phone:  (708) 482-0258

Website: danasantipilates.com

Register: www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1814877

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About Jay Grimes

Jay began his studies with Joe Pilates in the mid-sixties, and after Joe's death continued with Joe's wife, Clara, for another 10 years until her death. Jay began teaching in the original 8th Ave studio in New York and has since taught all over the world. Jay danced professionally, ballet and Broadway for 18 years, and never had an injury. This he attributes entirely to Pilates. Jay is valued in the Pilates community for his experience, humility and integrity in maintaining the work of Joe Pilates. Over the years Jay's clients have ranged from stars ofBroadway and Hollywood, music and opera, to politicians, businessmen and housewives, and Olympic athletes. He currently provides ongoing training toinstructors, conducting workshops and master classes around the world.

Vintage Pilates | www.vintagepilates.com

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About Murat Berkin

Murat Berkin is a former chief dancer for the State Opera and Ballet company of Turkey. He began his Pilates career in 2006 and then opened the only Classical Pilates studio, Murat Berkin Pilates Studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Murat has trained with Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Teacher and for the last three years he has traveled all over the world giving lectures and conferences with him.

Murat's strong focus and commitment to the Pilates method is the reason behind the Classical Pilates Conference. The annual conference provides support for Pilates instructors and brings awareness to the instruction of the Pilates Method in Turkey.

Annual Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul | www.classicalpilatesconference.com

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Dana Santi Pilates Studio

About Dana Santi Pilates Studio

Dana Santi began studying the Pilates method in 1996 in Evanston, IL. She studied under the direction of Juanita Lopez and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998. After completing her certification, Dana taught at and managed The Pilates Studio of The Midwest at Hubbard Street in Chicago, IL, a certification studio for what was The New York Pilates Studio® and The Pilates Guild™. In 2002, Dana opened The Pilates Core, Inc. in LaGrange, IL. She has always believed that keeping Pilates authentic is what makes a successful studio. In 2004, Dana met and studied with Jay Grimes in Los Angeles, CA. That meeting changed Dana's life and she is honored to borrow every ounce of inspiration and wisdom that he can provide. Dana devotes much of her non-teaching time to studying and networking with other classically trained teachers. With their combined expertise, Dana organizes workshops and conferences devoted to educating participants in the traditional and authentic Pilates method. In 2016, Dana closed down The Pilates Core, moved the studio and rebranded as Dana Santi Pilates. This move has allowed Dana to teach, travel, train and most importantly be there for her kids. Dana can be found teaching classes on Pilates Anytime and currently, Dana serves as Co-Chair and is a founding member of the Authentic Pilates Union.

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