(Past Event) Spring Pilates Camp with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda


Come join practitioners from all over the world for Spring Pilates Camp! Open to teachers of all levels and from all teaching programs. We will present two weekend workshops, taught by Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda.


"Independence Vs Dependence"
Taught by:
Sandy Shimoda
Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2016
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
We want what's best for our clients but have we set up a learning environment that holds them back? If your clients rely on you so much that they aren't moving fluidly through their workouts, aren't familiar with their exercises or equipment, or haven't developed an awareness of their bodies, something needs to change. Building independence in your students starts with your teaching. In this workshop, Sandy will share the processes that she found most effective in promoting independence in her students, and in her studio. In this hands-on workshop, you will have the opportunity to observe a case study client, as they go through a lesson. You will also work with each other to put into practice, methods for instilling in your clients, self direction and independence.

Cost: $195.00
*Attend in-studio, or online, via an interactive, livestream


"Jay Grimes Teaches the 2-Way Stretch"
Taught by:
Jay Grimes
Date: Sunday, May 1st, 2016
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
What is the elusive “Two-Way Stretch”? Jay Grimes coined this term to describe what Joe Pilates asked him to achieve, in his workouts. It is the essence of every single exercise in the Pilates repertoire. This is a rare chance to learn about this concept from the man who created the expression.

Cost: $300
*Attend in-studio, or online, via an interactive, livestream


Spring Pilates Camp with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda

Date: April 30th - May 1st, 2016

Time: See time on schedule

Location: Vintage Pilates
1950 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 185, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone:  (310) 478-7200

Website: www.vintagepilates.com

Sign Up Here: http://teachers.vintagepilates.com/spring-camp


You can select a discount package, and combine the workshops with private lessons, VP group classes, Teachers Clubhouses™, Bodywork and observation hours. Come a few days before and/or after the workshops and schedule your own, self-directed program.




About Jay Grimes

Jay Grimes began his studies with Joe Pilates in the mid-sixties, and after Joe’s death continued with Joe’s wife, Clara, for another 10 years until her death. Jay began teaching in the original 8th Ave studio in New York and has since taught all over the world. Jay danced professionally, ballet and Broadway for 18 years, and never had an injury. This he attributes entirely to Pilates. Jay is valued in the Pilates community for his experience, humility and integrity in maintaining the work of Joe Pilates. Over the years Jay’s clients have ranged from stars of Broadway and Hollywood, music and opera, to politicians, businessmen and housewives, and Olympic athletes.

Jay does not take on new clients, but he offers regular workshops and master classes, locally and around the world (some are also offered as live, online feeds). Jay directs and teaches THE WORK—Vintage Pilates’ Master’s Program for certified teachers.


About Sandy Shimoda

Sandy Shimoda has been teaching movement since the 1980’s and was introduced to Pilates in 1994. She has been a private student of Jay Grimes since 2004, and opened Vintage Pilates with the hope of providing a place for students to access the wealth of understanding that Jay has to offer. Sandy has been a demonstrator on GAIAM and Classical Pilates videos and has been featured in Pilates Style and in Pilatesglossy.com. She enjoys educating teachers through the Vintage Pilates teachers programs and by visiting studios and offering workshops at conventions across the globe. Sandy has managed various businesses both at the entrepreneurial and corporate level, and holds both a Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration.

Sandy believes in the importance of Bodywork in maintaining good health and reducing pain and stress. Like Pilates, it encourages greater awareness of the body and its patterns of tension. Sandy is a certified Thai Yoga practitioner who studied in Thailand (TCM and Lek Chaiya) and with Saul David Raye (Ritam Healing Arts). She finds that the combination of stretching and acupressure efficiently moves blocked energy out of the body, which promotes healing. Sandy also combines Reiki, Reflexology and Rice Release Technique to address each client’s needs.



Vintage Pilates

About Vintage Pilates

Real Exercise For Real People
Pilates is corrective exercise that improves your quality of life, no matter what your age, backgroud, or fitness level. Come get healthy and strong in a fun, supportive environment. Vintage Pilates is a studio that stands for keeping Joseph Pilates’ original method and philosophy alive. All our classes and programs aim to reflect the goals and intentions of Joe and Clara Pilates’ original 8th Avenue studio in New York City. Vintage Pilates uses GRATZ equipment. Our Director is Jay Grimes, who began his studies with Joe and Clara in the 1960s. All our instructors have studied extensively with Jay, so you know you are getting the best instruction around.

Individualized Group Classes
Our group classes are different from anything out there. You’ll get a personalized workout in an intimate setting (maximum 4 people per class), and receive individualized attention from teachers trained by Jay Grimes. You work at your own pace, on any equipment you choose, and will always be challenged to explore something new.

Where The Pros Go To Learn
Our studio is where Pilates professionals worldwide come to deepen and expand their teaching skills, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

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